…since 1989.

raven nuance demoscene artI’m active in the field of demoscene graphics since quite a time. I started on the C=64 as Raven. Then jumped on to the Amiga, founded NUANCE with some friends and renamed to Abstract for some reason I can’t remember. I then renamed back to my good old nickname Raven that fits me best. On my new demoscene art website I state “since 1989”. Actually it’s been earlier, but I simply can’t remember and the first demoscene logo I did is dated 1989 so I decided to put that up there. But back to the point: I decided to put my graphical works I did for the demoscene back online in a simple website without CMS and stuff. Just scaled versions of my pictures and some logos. It will grow constantly by the time. Be sure. Now go and have a look at nuance.untergrund.net/raven. Feedback appreciated.