Skype 4.0 – No more.

A month ago I had to reinstall Skype on my Windows Vista PC. I chose to install the new 4.0 version of it. The change of the design was the first thing I noticed. And the first impression wasn’t a good one, but I decided to continue using it and see how this new version turns out.

After using it for around a month my opinion is clear: HORRIBLE!!!

Not only the new GUI is much more blocky and has less possibilities to be configured for my own needs. Also most parts of the redesigned GUI is simply confusing and there are also some important functions missing! There is no function to share your contact list with other users. For some reasons I’m not able to start video calls anymore. I’m also doing quite some usability design in the office and the new layout of the chat windows is simply a big mess, aswell as the display of the messages itself. And finally: Every time I closed it, it crashed. I’m sorry to say, but in my opinion this version is absolutely not usable. Possibly someone who hasn’t used Skype before won’t notice and it’s surely ok-ish for the casual user. But for my everyday use the 4.0 is crap and I only can recommend downgrading to the last 3.8 version like I did.

Skype is a great service and of great use. But the whole service depends on the software AND USING THE 4.0 IS JUST NO FUN!

So if you’re searching for Skype contact me via Skype (

My status ) or download it at this weblog (German).