Supplement to last Sunday

Last Sunday my Dad was visiting me for a nice chat in the Museumscafe here in Ulm and afterwards we decided to visit the Museum Ulm and have a look at the exhibition “Das alte Ulm (The old Ulm)“. We bought tickets for the whole museum to also have a closer look at the rest of the stuff shown. Amazingly the house my appartment is in, is already clearly visible on the oldest scribble of the inner city of Ulm…cool! The house I live in was built around 12hundredsomething and compared to other houses it is in really good shape. But back to the exhibition: It features a large amount of drawings and models of the old town of Ulm. Very interesting. Also the rest of the Museum and the building itself is really cool with traditional old parts and stylish new architecture. Give it a shot…it’s worth it!