Systems 2007

Today I had some fun visiting the SYSTEMS 2007 in Munich together with my friends Lisa and Christian. After a nice breakfast at the good old fast food temple McDonalds we had a really fast and stressless trip to Munich. This year the SYSTEMS was only 5 exhibition halls large and covered the areas “software solutions”, “communications & networking”, “systems integration & services” and “IT security”. The booths were overall nicely designed and the informations available from various companies were quite interesting. We had closer looks at some solutions like netviewer‘s products (which are a very good alternative to Webex that we’re currently use at the office) for online collaboration and training. Especially at the small booths of the asian companies we’ve seen some nice gadgets like the Pepperpad by Hanbit that made a good impression. As every year I got quite some interesting literature and brochures to check afterwards. The trip back home was also quite flawless except a short traffic jam because of a bomb defusion at the highway A99. On the way home we had another stop at McDonalds to get some food.
Conclusion: The SYSTEMS 2007 was worth the trip. A very nice day, also because of the good company I had. Tons of fun. :-D