Take that.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed the Take That concert in the Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart. Oh yes. You got it right: I quite enjoyed it. I gave my girlfriend a ticket for the convert as birthday present. And I also told her quite late (In fact during the last minutes before entering the hall) that the second part of the birthday present is that I also have a ticket. I think it was quite a surprise for her as she knows Take that is not really one of my favourites. Surprisingly the concert was quite good (Well. Not as good as the legendary Depeche Mode concerts) even if the songs wre presented by only three of the guys because Howard Donald had a chest injury and wasn’t allowed to perform because of insurance topics. But they even did a good job without him. It seems the guys are grown up and even the presentation of the old hits was done in a more mature way. The show was well done with a lot of light effects and the overall mood at the concert was very nice. I especially liked the guest singer that performed the short part of “Crazy” (originally by Gnarls Barkley) and the interludes. And well. Also the dancers were quite “nice”. :-D