Test Drive

During the two days my Opel GTC was away for inspection I got the chance to test the current version of the Opel Corsa with the 1.7 CDTI ECOTEC engine (92 kW/125 PS) which is the most powerful diesel engine featured in this compact car. If you want more power in the Corsa, you need to switch to petrol engines that are available with up to 141kW (192PS). Though it’s a diesel powered engine it allows really sporty driving. The integrated turbo needs some time to respond, but when it does it shows quite a nice performance. The driving feeling overall is good even at high speeds. The interior looks nice but a bit too playful at some edges. The trunk is small. Quite ok for a car of this size, but I’m just used to more loading space. Conclusion: A nice city car with powerful engine that is fun to drive with. Well done.