The Hochjoch never disappointed me! o/

And it didn’t do this time!

Great weather! Beautiful snow and perfectly prepared tracks! As a bonus a good friend joined me this day. Even if there was quite a lot of traffic, I was surprised that we didn’t have to wait on the lifts and the tracks were far from crowded. The Hochjoch team once again did a great job in preparing the tracks of the whole ski area and I was able to let my race carvers go and enjoy the speed, fresh air, beautiful scenery and tons of fun! Hey…I even ate carbs!

Oh. And thanks to Bianca for shooting the photo of me featuring “hilarious pose while closing my zippers”! Pure greatness! lol!

2 thoughts on “The Hochjoch never disappointed me! o/

  1. Woah! And you definately look hilariously weird on the photo but fun as ever! Bahaha!

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