There is always a choice…

…and there is always hope. Even after years and years of personal problems and fears, there is hope. It possibly sounds to optimistic, but in my opinion everything can be cured and everything can be solved. Death or suicide should never be a choice if you have friends that care for you. And because I have lost enough friends for a whole lifetime already. It’s enough. And every human being has the right to be or become happy and live a good life. If I can help someone to reach this…I always will. And if you’re a dear friend I’ll try even harder to help you. Every single time it is required.

Good friends of mine can always rely on me and I keep the promises I’ve given to friends. Even if they mean a lot of effort and stress. That’s my way to thank people for friendship given to me. Sometimes it’s hard to fulfill the promises, but I guess people wouldn’t like me the way they do if I would be different.

But doing so requires also a lot of power, will and strenght.

I get this power from my very good friends (Lisa, Matthias, Christian, etc.) and my beloved girlfriend (Thank you for the strenght and understanding…very much!!!!!). Thanks to all of you for the friendship and strenght that you give me! Thanks a lot. You all surely don’t know how much it means to me!