Things change. Constantly. Rapidly. Painfully.

In the last week a lot of things happened. Great loss. Great pain. But also moments full of hope, fun and things I can be proud of.

I realized a lot of things. Things that made me sad. Things that made me see clear what’s important. Things that made me smile and things that made me cry.

I lost a friend. A friend I had for ages. A friend that became important again. A friend that told me the truth at any time about the past, the present and the future. A friend that predicted a lot of things that were sadly proved to be correct. But also a friend that was optimistic and wished for something important to come true.

If everything will turn out the way it should be? I’ll see.

But I realized once again: There are important people in my life, that I don’t want to loose! Never ever! If I have the chance or get the chance, I will try to make their lifes a little bit happier. Sadly you can’t be with all these important people all the time.

But doing your best is a good point to start.