Harry Potter and the half-blood prince…Harry went to see the new Potter.

To be precise “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (IMDB), the sixth part of the Harry Potter saga. The characters quite fastly grow up now and the plot is getting darker and minacious. This is definitely not a kids’ movie anymore…but it’s brilliant. The actors did a really good job and I loved the special effects that had so much details, aswell as the set design in general. This movie easily gets 9.5 out of 10. Rocks hard and I really think about seeing it in German also. I love finding translation errors. 😉

After cinema I went to the Muensterplatz and listened to two of the last songs of Simply Red playing a concert there. The atmosphere was great and the crowd was quite letter-perfect, so I believe a lot of true fans gathered there. With the sound of Simply Red slowly fading out I went to Coffee Fellows to get a good night coffee there.

This surely was a nice “quiet” evening. Let’s see what the Schwoermontag will bring except for some cocktails. 🙂