Umax Chili DVR-8500X

I just bought the Umax Chili DVR-8500X, a brand new DVD-Recorder. It reads most formats inclusive DivX, MPEG-4, MP3, JPG and much more from almost all medias. It records on DVD+R and DVD+RW and the first impression is really great. The setup is really easy to do, the tuner does a good job in finding all stations, the menus are well designed and good to handle (I didn’t use the manual for a single time up to now). The outfit of the recorder is really nice and it looks really well polished. It can record up to 370 minutes to a single DVD+R or DVD+RW and the quality is still good at this quality rate. It was packaged with 20 DVD+R and 5 DVD+RW media and costed me only