Update your life.

Slowly it’s a funny thing to realize that more and more things in my life need updates. Some time ago only the applications or operating systems on my computers needed updates once in a while, but these days nearly every machine or gadget can be updated or even has to be updated to stay fully functional. But don’t get me wrong…I don’t complain…honestly I quite like this “update culture”, because it gives you new functions or fixes annoying bugs that some years ago just would have stayed for the whole lifetime of the device. Quite a lot of people complain about that and think that the devices shipped to the customers are of lower quality than some years ago. But I think they just got a hell lot more complex and the product lifecycles are too short to create totally bug-free devices. So the updates are overall a nice way to deal with the problems of a fastly moving industry and provide the user with both: Bugfixes and new features.

Why I’m writing this? Well. I bought “Twilight ” on Blu-ray yesterday and my player instantly freezed after inserting the disc. After doing an update with the most current firmware…everything runs fine and in very good quality. Yiiiihaaaaa!