Videogame times have changed…for the better.

I’m a graphics designer. I’m also a demoscener. I’m a guy really fully enjoying his life. And beneath all that I’m also a gamer. I’ve owned and own a lot of gaming stuff. I started back in the ooooold days on a friend’s Atari 2600. My first own console was a Nintendo Entertainment System (short: NES) and afterwards I moved on to the Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) and lateron to the SuperNES. For a short time I also had a AmigaCD32 which basically was a complete Amiga 1200 changed to a console look and feel. At this point I stepped out of console gaming for a while, but couldn’t resist too long and bought a Nintendo Gamecube in 2001 and around a year later also an Xbox, which became my favourite console for quite some time (also because of the very good XBMC) and I even got a birthday intro from some NUANCE groupmates on that machine. I was back in console gaming and by that time the structure of the gamers in general already had began to change. During the early console days it was a kind of public rule that console gaming was a kid’s thing. In between I also bought a NintendoDS for some portable fun. Once again Nintendo’s creation was not the strongest hardware on the market, but without a doubt the most innovative one. When I decided to buy the Nintendo Wii (also because of the innovational evolution) at launch day (And hell: My photo was hanging in the local electronic market for two weeks, as I was the first to buy the Wii there and had to shake hands with the branch manager) the times already had changed slightly. Most of the people waiting at the doors to open at launch day were my age or even older. A good feeling. And lately I saw an old man sitting outside a retirement home here in Ulm playing with a NintendoDS. That’s good. because people finally seem to realize that it’s important to have fun, no matter what age. And there truely is nothing you’re not allowed to play, just because you’re not a kid anymore. I love the Wii, but lately also bougth a Xbox360 because the sequel of one of my favourite games will soon be out on that platform: Fable 2. The lineup of the Wii is nice and fun to play, but partly the games on Xbox360 just “look” more mature and there are also much more games attracting and specially made for adults. That rocks. The only sad thing is that a lot of people still stick to the old prejudice that console gaming is for kids. Well. Wake up. It’s 2008. Not 1990 anymore. Console gaming is fun. And it’s for everyone! ;-)