Vomit entry.

I’m so totally absolutely sick of the demands of dumb German politicians for banning so called “Killerspiele” (Egoshooter, etc.). Not only that they’re too dumb to use the correct terms for this type of software, they also just talk crap for getting the votes of people that are equivalently less informed. A young psychopath is getting into his old school shooting around? Killergames are to blame. Not the society that didn’t help the kid to get properly treated, cared for and educated. Not the weaponshop that sold him the guns. What a huge bunch of shit. I’m so sick of that discussion that is cutting down ordinary people’s rights in favour of false solutions (That aren’t solutions anyway). But it really seems German poiliticians are getting used to ban all stuff instead of tackling with the real source of problems. Let’s say it with the famous words of Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!