We Need Guns, Lots of Guns

If you’re still playing Fable III (Fable 3), you’re probably in need of a list of all the guns counting for the achievement “We Need Guns, Lots of Guns” that is worth 20 Gamerscore. You have to collect all 50 legendary weapons for it and not all of them appear in your world, so you also have to trade with others through Xbox Live. To have a good overview on the needed weapons, I created a list of it including the english and German weapon names.

You can download the list in PDF format over here.


I’ve also created a list for the achievement “Fashion Victim” where you have to collect every item of clothing.

You can download the appropriate list in PDF format over here.

I also changed the lists as requested by several people and added another column called “CHECK”, so you can easily mark the items you already have.