Webdevelopment for the Wii

I just started working on a project that requires a website to be specifically designed for the Internet Channel of the Nintendo Wii. Sounds easy, but infact is quite different to normal web development as the input method and offcourse the user profile quite differs from the ordinary sufer. I did quite some research and foundsome helpful informations here and here. There also has been an article on how to optimize websites for the Internet Channel over at Opera’s development community, but sadly they are not available anymore. Overall the rendering engine is the same as in Opera 9 with some JavaScript enhancements concerning the Wiimote’s events. Overall the screensize is 800×600 which is scaled and there is also a white part added automatically at the beginning and end of all pages to make sure even on old tv sets everything is shown. CSS workes quite well and only has the ordinary glitches I know from Opera. You also have to keep in mind that ordinary browser window popups don’t work, so it is quite necessary to do a good concept before starting, but overall it is fun and works quite well. If someone has some more infos on the development for the Internet Channel, please mail me.