What Google brings…

Welcome dear visitor to this new exciting issue of “What Google brings…”. Be astonished what search terms lead visitors from all over the world onto this weblog. Here are this issue’s stars:

“how to say raven in german”
Why didn’t you just ask me. Quite easy: “Rabe”.

“action photography how-to”
The most important ingredients are a camera and AAAACTION!

“most unsexy woman fhm”
This is (in my humble opinion) by far Jeanette Biedermann with her “boring farmer chick charme”. Congratulations!

“nintendods copies without bios update on slot-1 supercard”
You’re a meeeeeeeean man (or woman)! Playing copies is teh eeeeeevil! :-D :-D

“salma hayek hot chick drink calendar”
You’re right. She’s burning hot. But drinking a calendar? ;-)

“java hamster modell”
Stuff your cheecks with coffee…yeah I know. This Googler meant the programming language book.

“are german men wild in bed or boring”
The best way to find out is doing a field research. I assume you’re female and longing for loooooove. ;-)

Stay tuned for the next issue of “What Google brings…”. :-D