What keeps me going during work.

Some people asked me: “What keeps you going during work? What gives you ideas and inspiration?“. Well. Most of you know since quite a long time I made my hobby my job. But still the boundaries between work and hobby are quite fluid. In my sparetime I’m the founder and organizer of the demoscene family called Nuance. We produce a large variety of releases in a multimedial way. graphicians, coders, musicians and modelers are working together to create realtime animated computer demonstrations of exceptional quality and artistic contents. Demomaking just doesn’t stop at system borders. You have to go beyond. Explore new systems and ways to demonstrate. How this influences my work? It gives my brain the needed weirdness to come up with ideas every day. It keeps me thinking what can be done next. And my sketchbook holds my graphical ideas and inspirations that lateron come to life in my digital art. During the work I keep my ideas coming by listening to loud demo soundtracks and trying to have once every two to four hours a short break to note everything down that came to my mind. Want to know more? Well. Come over to Ulm for a vanille macchiato and let’s have a chat.