What’s so special about the demoscene?

Some of my friends asked me shortly after the Breakpoint 2009, what’s so special and fun about the demoscene and the demoparties. Well, here’s a rather short try to explain it:

First of all, the demoscene is a huge bunch of extremely creative and talented people and I simply love to be surrounded by creative people. Nowhere else you can sit around a fireplace, have a barbeque and talk about things that are creative and technical at the same time. Normally people connected to technical things are not the most creative ones (no offence). But demosceners in general look at the world quite differently. I call it “the creative view”. They’re also much more relaxed and friendly than most of the ordinary people and another point is: They love to share their knowledge, which is not a usual thing in today’s world…at least not in the business world. Whilest demoparties in general seem to be really strenuous to the outsiders, a lot of sceners will tell you things like “A demoparty is like vacation”. Although the demosceners come together from all over the world, you can think of it like a big meeting of really good friends that are happy to meet each other again and party for some days. Does meeting your friends make you happy? Do you like barbequeing and talking to your friends? That’s exactly what a demoparty is all about. It’s also quite hard to understand that also the competitions are quite friendly and far from the ordinary sense of a competition. Demosceners love to see the new works of the fellow scene mates and even seeing a better demo win a compo does not arise envy. It’s more a feeling like: “Holy crap. Look at these magnificent things the demoscene creates! The things WE create!”. But if you’re interested in knowing more or even want to experience this and become a part of the demoscene, be prepared that it still requires some hard work to become respected as a demoscener. But I can tell you: It’s fully worth it.

Just my 2 cents.