Wii away.

Yesterday I unplugged my Wii, packed it safely into a box and sent it over to the guys at Gametop. They’ll install a WiiKey drivechip for me, so I’ll be ready for the first Wii demos (demoscene multimedia presentations in realtime) to arrive. Let’s see how long it’ll take until the beloved console arrives back home. I thought a lot about this step and finally decided to do it because I also love running homebrew and demoscene stuff on my consoles (and the XBMC proves it can be really useful). I’ve read through some boards what modchip is the best choice and decided to go for a WiiKey. Also I’m fully aware of the risks modding the console brings and I get sick reading all this bullshit in the modding boards like “oh Nintendo is so bad because my bootdisc doesn’t run after the new firmware update” and so on. Hello. What do you expect? That Nintendo starts to check their firmwares with modchips. Idiots. If you don’t want to take the risk then stay with a unmodded console. That’s the way it has always been. On every platform. Nevertheless…I’m looking forward to it, because it offers so much more possibilities.