Xbox Progressive Patch

If you’ve got a vga adaptor for your Xbox and often play using a standard vga monitor, you surely often thought “watching dvds on the monitor in progressive would be cool”. Well. Here is the sollution for you modding compadres. A patch for the original microsoft dashboard that enables the progressive output. Click more to read the whole stuff:Just get a hex editor (for example the mighty XVI32 here). Then get your original xboxdash.xbe off the Xbox using your favourite ftp client (your Xbox has to be modded for this). Keeping a backup of your xboxdash would probably be a good idea.
Then search for the following hex string: “C7 46 28 20 00 00 00” and change it to “C7 46 28 40 00 00 00” for progressive only or to “C7 46 28 00 00 00 00” for auto selection of the progressive scan. With the last one your Xbox tries to find out what kind of viewing hardware is attached and choose the right mode for it.
There is also a patch for dvdx-2. Search for “83 C8 02 C1 E0 04” and change it to “83 C8 02 C1 E0 05” for progressive only (no auto select here!).
Then pack the stuff back onto your harddrive and enjoy!
BTW: You can also save it to your F: and start it from there, so you won’t change your original C: setup.
BTW2: Be sure you know what you’re doing. If you change the files to progressive only and have no vga adaptor you won’t be able to see your dashboard after patching it! You’re warned!
And well. I don’t take any responsibilities for damages on your hardware or ego. You do the modifications on your own risk!