You’re both idiots. Sorry. :D

I look at the facebook GUI and facebook asks:

“What’s on your mind?”

I look at the textfield and suddenly it comes to my mind:

“Too much stuff to write in here. Too much stuff that is my own business

and there is no need for everyone to know, nor do most people deserve

the opportunity to have a opinion on it. I have a lot of contacts on facebook.

Contacts. Not friends. The ones I call friends should know for themselves.

All others are just acquaintances. Get over it. And you. Facebook idiot.

Stop trying to suggest that someone can become my friend by just

clicking on a button. Idiot!”

And to be fair:

“Hey you. Google+. Don’t you dare to laugh! The same applies to you! Idiot!”

Sorry to all other social platforms that aren’t addressed here. The same certainly applies to all of you. But you’re just too unimportant to be mentioned here. 😀