A Frame for my Memories.

Slowly all the photos of my beloved girlfriend took too much space around the monitor in the office. So I decided to use my lunch break for a visit at the local SATURN consumer electronics market to get a digital photo frame. Most of the (really) cheap models have a horrible resolution and a tiny screen, so I finally decided to get the Rollei Memories 800 DF-8, which features a resolution of 800*600 pixels on a 8″ screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3, a good viewing angle and a remote control as a bonus. I checked the quality of the screen, it looked very good and had a fast look through the menus. As usual the usability of these frames is rather bad, but on the other hand you don’t use the deeper controls too often. The pictures are shown best, if you don’t let the hardware scale the images, so be sure to convert them to 800*600 pixels and the picture quality will be really amazing.

Conclusion: A really good bargain! I’m satisfied! o/