Just Braindead!

On our way to Ikea near my girlfriend’s hometown I’ve taken a closer look at the election posters hanging around in the streets. Almost all of them were poorly designed, the photos used were of bad quality and the print itself wasn’t good either. But then I saw the poster of the N P D using the slogan “Minirock statt Minarett” (“Mini skirt instead of Minarett”) and I got really upset about this cheap racist crap. I really can’t understand how anyone with a bit of sanity and reason can seriously vote for such parties or their candidates. Did all these people learn nothing out of the history? I really get sick seeing such idiotic slogans on election posters and I feel nothing than supreme contempt for people considering voting or actually voting for such parties!

Don’t vote for right parties! Don’t believe the crappy slogans they tell you! Use your brain! Inform yourself correctly! Vote wisely!