A Worthy Sequel.

Tron Legacy

TRON (IMDB) has always been one of my favourite movies from my childhood, so I definitely had to see TRON: LEGACY (IMDB) starring cool Jeff Bridges, good old Bruce Boxleitner, fitting Garrett Hedlund and well designed Olivia Wild.

The plot wasn’t too complex, but nicely told. The actors did a good job and the overall design of the effects was very good. The use of 3D was mostly decent and not too blatant like in Avatar, where you had whole scenes only to showcase it. The music done by Daft Punk gave the whole movie a very nice feeling. I guess I’ll have to buy the soundtrack over at Amazon tomorrow. And I’ll surely get this one also on Blu-Ray lateron.

Overall conclusion: Very nice and recommendable! 9 out of 10.