Acer eRecovery Management without burner

I use my Acer Aspire One 751 since almost 4 months now and I have to admin I really love working with this tiny piece of hardware. First of all it’s amazing what you get for the relatively cheap price. The display resolution is just by far better than what all the other netbooks offer. The battery lifetime of 9 hours still dazzles me and the keyboard is a pleasure to type on. The CPU performance of the Atoim Z520 could be better but is even enough to work with Photoshop CS3 to paint on demoparties. So far so good.

Through all the time using it I kept in mind that there is one thing still to do: Creating and burning the recovery discs to be able to get it back to work if the harddisc fails one day or something similar happens. The problem: Like all the other netbooks the 751 doesn’t have a integrated optical drive (cd or dvd burner) and the Acer eRecovery Management software only works using a burner. I asked around but couldn’t find someone able to lend me one.

Two days ago I googled around a bit and found a final solution to the problem: To use the eRecovery software without a burner you can use the trial version of VirtualCD version 10+ to emulate a CD, DVD or even a Blu-Ray burner on your system. Just download the trial over here. Create a virtual DVD drive with it and you’re able to start the eRecovery Management software and create the recovery DVDs. You get ISO files out of this process which you can transfer to your desktop and burn them using the excellent freeware CDBurnerXP for example. That’s quite a simple solution for getting the recovery discs for your WindowsXp or Vista off your netbook.

Have fun!