Windows Marketplace for Mobile

windows marketplace for mobileYesterday I wanted to test the whole process of buying and installing a new app through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile that was recently opened for cellphones with older versions of Windows Mobile. You’re now also able to use it on phones using Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 like my XDA Diamond. I browsed through the categories and devided to give moTweets a shot as the other Twitter applications I tested up to now simply sucked. The navigation through Microsoft’s new app store is flawless and also the process of buying and installing is a piece of cake. The price for moTweets was quite reasonable and the application itself is designed very nicely and optimized for finger input. Definitely recommendable. Hopefully there will be more apps available soon. Some applications are really costly and I guess the companies have to get more realistic concerning the prices in the marketplace but I think Microsoft is on a good way with the whole thing.

If you have WM 6.5 running the marketplace is already installed. If you’re using 6.0 or 6.1 you can download and install the marketplace over here.