I’m really curious if the final of the new Xbox 360 dashboard update will differ to the beta in any way. It seems clear that won’t be available in Germany. It really sucks that it seems to be a problem to get something like running here in Germany through Xbox Live. Where’s the point if I access it through the website or the dashboard? Nevertheless I’m looking to this update!

Concerning the other “functionalities” of the new update: I can’t hear all the people with modded consoles or cheap harddiscs complaining to get banned anymore. I also had and still have quite some modded consoles and I just have to say: PEOPLE! WAKE UP! If you’re modding your console, no matter if it’s a modchip, drivechip, softmod, drive or any other hardware modification, you should be prepared that this can happen sooner or later, just because you accept the terms of use when using the console. So shut the fuck up, stop whining and realize: It’s your own risk to mod a console.

This entry was brought to you using the Opera on NintendoDS in bed. Good morning everyone! :-D