After report

As said my girlfriend and me have been to Munich for the Robbie Williams concert at the Olympiastadion. We arrived around 14:00 at the parking site of the Olympiastadion and went to the northern entrance area. And it was raining. Around 16:00 they opened the gates and we went in and got a place in the first wave only 5 metres from the main stage. It was still raining. Some hours later (18:30) the pre-bands started. They were called Orson and Basement Jaxx and were quite ok and did a nice job in heating up the crowd. At around 21:00 finally Robbie started his concert. By now my raincoat was letting the water through and so I decided to give a fuck and set off my hood and enjoyed the concert with lots of singing and dancing. The stage was well designed and even if everyone, including Robbie was totally drenched, he performed like hell. Conclusion: This concert was worth waiting several hours in the rain and it was pure fun! If you get the chance…see him at his current tour.