Better late than never: Back from Revision 2013.

Already two days ago, I returned home from another Easter spent with tons of weird people and it was a blast! I went to, what I believe, is the biggest demoscene event in the entire universe: Revision.

It is organized by demosceners for demosceners and is a place to meet all the people from various countries. Make friends. Chat about art, enjoy loud music and take part in the various competitions.

Raven - Escape to RealityThis time I only took part in the “Oldskool Graphics Competition” and was ranked 4th with my new picture called

Escape to Reality” ->

You can get the original c64 prg file over at CSDB.

It’s a C64 HiRes picture, which means that it’s painted in a resolution of 320*200 pixels and you can only use a maximum of 2 colors in a 8*8 pixel block. Quite challenging, but truely fun to create.

The picture itself features the idea to break out of your ordinary life. Free yourself and do what makes you happy. Find what or who makes you happy. The ultimate goal of life. Hard to reach. Taking tons of your time. But one of the things worth searching for.

The picture started in a strong competition because of the fact that Amiga and C64 pictures were mixed. I knew this would be a tough one and I’m much more proud to have finished 4th after three great Amiga pictures (better resolution, more colours) and ahead of all other C64 graphics. Thanks for all of you that voted for me in the competition.

The party itself was very well organized and also the competitions were absolutely great. Rounded by nice liveacts and great seminars this was a cozy place to spend easter. Honestly I don’t know for how long I will continue spending easter with all these beloved weird people. But this time was huge fun again. Thanks to all of you, especially to dfox, styx and all the other people for organizing a wonderful event.

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  1. Great concept and execution. Love the depth of the forrest. Keep it up.

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