Bond. James Bond.

I just returned home from enjoying the new 007 movie called Casino Royale (IMDB). I went to see the original version in english language in the Xinedome and to be honest I was biased of the partly bad publicity around the new Bond actor Daniel Craig. After seeing the movie I had to change my opinion, because he really did a nice job in showing some origins of “Bond’s habbits”. The action scenes were really great, the story itself and the as ever the Bond girls (this time played by Eva Green and Caterina Murino) were quite sexy. Some minor flaws were: Bond drives a Ford at the beginning? No way (But I liked seeing the good old Aston Martin DB5 and the brand new Aston Martin DBS)! The mention of the 9/11? Doesn’t really fit in here as the following movies took place yeeeeears ahead! But altogether I have to say, that I really liked the new Bond. Well done. The movie deserves great 9 out of 10. And hey. If you need a blast from the past you can watch the Casino Royale version from 1967, but be warned it’s more like Austin Powers.