Nintendo Wii – Surviving the first weekend

Well. My opinion about the Wii hasn’t changed over the weekend. This is by far the console with the highest fun rate I’ve ever played. The controller concept is awesome and gives you a perfect reality feeling. Controlling the games is intuitive and easy to learn and the most important thing: It’s fun and everyone that visited me up to now was just desperate to try it out…and much more important loved it instantly. Now to some closer infos: The Wiimote and the add-on Nunchuk itself is easy to carry but it really is recommended to use the security strap. The buttons are at the right posibitions and it is very accurate and precise. You can even store your Mii (your personal appearance you can create on the console) on the controller so you can carry it to friends when meeting for a match. The rumble and sound output of the Wiimote are also a plus on the reality side. Wii Sports consists of Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. Each of them is easy to learn at first but you can also train to get more perfect skills. Even if the graphics look quite simple, the level of realism you experience while playing is awesome, just because the Mii really “does” what you do when and how you do it. Sensational feeling and groundbreaking in the field of computer games. Concerning the graphics it is what I expected. Nothing groundbreaking, but you have to decide what type of console gamer you are. Do you want high level graphics or high level realism in terms of usability and controls. Surely the graphics will get better in future games, like Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube impressively proved – but it won’t reach the level of a 360 or PS3. I was really sceptical about this, but after a weekend of gaming: I don’t care anymore. I simply love the Wii. Next titles I’ll buy are Red Steel, Rayman Ravin Rabbids and The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess. Not to forget the Wii pinboard that helps registering your friends Wii friendscodes or e-mail contacts, which works quite well. You also get a e-mail address at with your friendscode, but both sides have to authorize first to prevent spam, which is a good thing in my opinion. The power consumption of the system is really low. In standby the Wii only needs around 2-8W and while playing it needs around 17W. Sensationally low and definitely the right way to go. Overall rating for the Wii: 9.5 out of 10. Strike! :-D