Car change.

Another three years are gone and so I had to change my company car again, since the leasing period has ended. This time I changed from the Opel Astra GTC (Pictures: Car), which I was really satisfied with, to the most current model of the Opel Astra (Pictures: Car / Car 2 / Interieur). I’ll have a shortened leasing duration this time, so I’ll only drive this one around 1,5 years before getting a new one. The first impression of the car is very good. The build quality is very good. The controls and user interface of the car is nicely done and has a good usability in my opinion. Everything seems to be in place and you don’t have to look into the manual to find the stuff. The interieur feels comfortable and the seats are adjustable in various ways. The feeling while driving is very good. The car is quite silent inside and the road behaviour is also very good. I quite like the sound system and the integration of mp3 from either CD or USB devices. I packed a USB device with 4GB of music and it instantly indexed the music and it was sorted after artist, album, genre or the folder structure. Very nice. The additional displays show the infos of the board computer and are easy to handle while driving. Tomorrow I’ll go on a longer trip, so I’ll see how this turns out. The motor of this model is the 1.7CDTI with 92KW/125PS. The performance is good, but I have to adjust to the diesel feeling first. Overall I’m really satisfied. More up after some weeks of testing.