Carrier IQ

QRcode Voodoo Carrier IQ detectSome weeks ago some people noticed the presence of a rootkit called “Carrier IQ” on their Android smartphones. It is said by the developing company that this piece of software has been developed to measure the performance of mobile devices and networks to improve the services, but the data that could be delivered to the operators (or $random receiver) is highly private and what makes people get upset is that such software is installed on smartphone without telling the customers. The question is also how a mobile service can be improved by logging data before it is SSL encrypted or why there is the need for a keylogger? This is why this software is correctly specified as rootkit by most users. Basically it’s the same problem there was with the widely discussed “Staatstrojaner” in Germany: If there are surveillance functions available in such a software, even if they’re illegal, they will sooner or later be used by people that clearly lack a sense for privacy and laws. Sadly quite a lot of these people also seem to work for the authorities!

Anyway: If the CarrierIQ software is installed on your smartphone can be tested with several apps from the Android Market. I’ve tested the various software on several smartphones and found “Voodoo Carrier IQ detector” the best one. You can reach the market site through the QRcode on the right. Install it and it checks your phone in the best possible way for this rootkit. If the app tells yout that the rootkit is present on your phone, you can get more informations on how to remove it over here and here.

I already tested my Motorola Defy+ and the result said that “Carrier IQ was not found”. o/
The following video is posted in celebration of the result! 😀