Control Overkill ?

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update December 2011

Today I got the new dashboard update that originally was announced for the 6th of december. The Xbox 360 went through the update process quite fast and without any problems. The design looks a lot like the Kinect Hub that was part of the dashboard since the release of Kinect. The structure stayed almost the same and most menus and controls are easy to find. You can now control the dashboard using Kinect gestures, voice recognition and the traditional controller. Still the most effective way is to use the good old xbox 360 controller. Kinect gestures work quite good through all menus, but take some time to get used to it. Some gestures are different to the ones in the Kinect hub, but slowly the Kinect experience is showing it’s potential. Voice commands work quite well, but only for the first two levels of the menus. I would have loved additional voice shortcuts for starting the Windows Media Center or some other apps, but it’s a nice new control feeling anyway. The new update is really worth it and I only can say:

Good work, Microsoft! I like the various control possibilities!