I just noticed that I haven’t written a single entry the last week because of all the things that happen at the moment. On the one hand I’ll move to a new appartment with my girlfriend and therefore most of my freetime is used for preparating the move. On the other hand the final Breakpoint took place on Easter. It was such a great party and the organizing was oncec again perfect and it was so nice to see all the people again. I had tons of booze and tons of fun! We ended up 4th in the Console/RealWild competition with our Vectrex demo called Lineart (in cooperation with Metalvotze) and 5th in the PC Demo competition with our PC demo called zcareplex mk5. Instead of finishing my graphics entries I decided that the real party is mostly about drinking and barbequeing this time. It was a good decision.

I’ll miss the Breakpoint! Thanks for a great party to all the organizers.