Beach volleyballThis time this doesn’t mean the usual eSports, but something like “evening Sports“. I was at the Funland Arena in Nersingen with my friends Lisa (Ladies first), Matthias and Michael for some nice beachvolleyball action. After getting into practise a bit, we played some matches and even if we weren’t the new Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffes, we did some rather nice moves. It was quite fun and we’re thinking of playing more regularly. We’ll see. But it was really fun, even if the wanna-be-dj-kids played some really horrible music. :-D

Supplement: My Xbox360 safely arrived yesterday and it’s really a nice piece of hardware. I tested some of the games I lent from a workmate. Most of time I played Gears of War, checked the Xbox live marketplace and connected the 360 to my WindowsXP computer using the media share of the Windows Media Player 11. Overall: Quite satisfying.