For the questioners.

I’ve used my Samsung PS 50 A 556 S2F (50″, Plasma, FullHD) for around 6 months now and I fully can recommend it. The picture is just great with a perfect viewing angle. Playing Xbox360 on it just rocks the house and it also does a very good job upscaling DVDs and videos streamed from the PC. The energy efficiency functions do a great job and the power consumption of the TV set is even slightly below the average of a corresponding LCD TV (LCD TV’s have the same consumption all the time, Plasma TV’s consumtion depends on the picture brightness). I’ve checked this with a power meter on my TV and the Samsung LE 52 A 656 of a friend. The picture of the Nintendo Wii naturally looks not too good on the 50″ as it only outputs 480p. The picture is blocky, but with a component cable at least it is not blurry. Only remarkable point that could have been done better is the source selection. You can switch through the sources, but there is no single button for each source.

Conclusion: I can fully recommend this huge object of fun and function!