Quite some people have been complaining, because I wiped out some of their comments on my status from Facebook. Just to get this clear all for once: Comments on my facebook status are visible to “online friends” and “real life friends” and you have to live with it that your comments gets deleted if it is too rude or pisses me off. And honestly it’s kind of ridiculous to read someone writing me “You’re a fucking censor” after deleting his comment that was really inappropriate and insulting. I’ve nothing against appropriate discussions (and I had quite some discussions on Facebook), but there is a certain point where I keep my Facebook profile clean of idiots, aswell as I’ve chosen to leave out some people from my livestream. Most people make a difference between online conversations and face to face talks. I don’t. I don’t like to talk to people getting too insulting in real life and I this also valid for my online life. FULLSTOP!