Generation Upload.

OMFG. Just after Christian_Stoecker at Spiegel Online published an article inventing the term “Generation C64“, Florian Illies kind of invents the “Generation Upload“. Beneath the fact, that this term sounds like bull****, I don’t even think that the people that don’t use social networks or the highly praised buzzword universe called web2.0 understand what this term really means at all. Possibly I’m just sceptical about the things this author writes, since I’ve read his Generation Golf bestseller that was mostly a collection of his personal memories and opinions. I’ve discussed with some friends of my age that also have read the book back then and can sum up the opinions (even concerning the follow-up “Generation Golf Zwei) like: “This guy generalizes a generation and creates a picture of a generation that is just not true”. The only thing it did is creating a picture of the people of this generation for older people that confirmed their fears. I thought back then “Absolutely NOT well done”. I discussed this new term with some friends over at Facebook and the outcome of the discussion was generally “Let’s just hope he won’t write a book about it!”, which is exactly my opinion. Surely communication works best using pictures and descriptions and names.

But I’m not a friend of generalizations…and never will be!