Germany’s already winning at the EURO2008…with Pilsballs!

The european championships of soccer EURO2008 are starting at the 7th of june 2008 with the first match. Germany has it’s first match on Sunday the 8th of june and we’ll watch it at the bigscreen only a short walk away from my homebase in the beergarden of the Tagblatt. Since you can’t really help our team being in spectator mode during the matches, you can atleast help to create a good mood. Since I’m not really good in creating music, I at least could do my part by supporting the band of my workmate Mirko with a logo, design and some cms works. Pilsballs EURO2008

Mirko’s band is called Pilsballs ( and they’re presenting their song for the EURO2008 called “Der Cup wird unsrer sein” (see video above). It’s a very nice good-mood-earworm with a cool melody and rocking lyrics. Check it out and support them by spreading the URL, playing it in your cars and your favourite public viewing spots. :-D