More images for bloggers?

I really really know that all kind of marketing managers and corporate image guards of companies are fighting for the adherence of their corporate or product image. Also working in this sector I can fully understand them on the one hand. On the other hand I’m also a blogger for many years and now and then I get really annoyed about the fact that you only can choose between “just taking images for a blog entry taking no care of the source” (I don’t do that) or “coming up with own images whenever it is possible” (my way) or “just don’t using images for certain blog entries” (also my way). Most companies still doesn’t seem to accept ur fully understand the marketing power that nice blog entries can deliver. I really would wish, companies (and also movie advertising websites) start own sections presenting images and related stuff exclusively for bloggers to freely use in their related entries. Sure companies are afraid of negative entries, but they even happen without the delivery of free images, so this can’t be the point of not giving out free marketing images. It also would be surely no problem to deliver these images with an appropriate license (only resizing allowed, no change of the texts in the image, no additions that change the meaning of the image). So come ooooooooon! Do it.