Good one.

Some weeks ago I got my new battery grip for my EOS D-SLR. It really was necessary as my new Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 EX DG is quite heavy. It helped to get the whole camera in better balance again. I’ve chosen the Delta C400DS Grip instead of the Canon BG-E3 and I really have to say: I’m fully satisfied and can absolutely recommend this one. It’s a bit hard to get, but it’s worth the money. It has all the controls the original BG-E3 has and it also comes with two battery cages. One for the standard NB-2L/LH and one for normal AA batteries if you really run out of energy without the recharger at hand. I already used it at a shooting with a model and did a very good job. Very useful is the upright format release. It makes the camera so much better in terms of handling. Conclusion: Perfect. BTW: If you’re a photographer and want to share your favourite photo locations (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the moment), give a shot! ;-)