Goodbye beautiful.

Beautiful istriaToday I finally returned home from my vacation in Istria/Croatia. We spent most of the time in the area of Novigrad. The weather was mostly fantastic with some small thunderstorms. The middle sea was clear, clean and warm. We visited Novigrad, Umag, Porec, Pula and my personal favourite Rovinj for some sightseeing and photography sessions. We also spent some time to visit the ruins of Dvigrad, the nice church of the monastery Sv. Petar U Sumi and found a lot of beautiful places worth to remember. I also finally bought a painting of C.B. Schneider. I’m a fan of his paintings for quite some years now and visiting his gallery in Rovinj if always a highlight for me. Coming back to Istria once a year is like visiting an old friend. You know the places and see and feel them being in change but still keeping their old spirit and beauty. It’s charming to find new viewing angles and “new old spots” every year.

I feel refreshed now…even if I’m already back at work. The sun has kind of burned a image into my mind. An image of…peace and relaxation.

Let’s see how long it will last this time until it needs some refreshment.