Happy Birthday!

A legend celebrates it’s birthday! The famous Amiga (I didn’t link the Amiga Corp. as you get more infos on that site concerning the Amiga computers) reached it’s 20th birthday and quite a lot of memories are connected to this great machine. 20 years ago, the Amiga 1000 was released as successor of the also great C=64. I started painting on the good old breadcase, but it was shortly after I switched to the Amiga, when I got my first small contract to paint graphics for a game. I loved DPaint, PPaint and all the nice pixel-by-pixel-tools that I still miss when painting graphics for mobile devices or icons. I still love that system and even if I haven’t got an Amiga anymore, my graphician’s heart is with this great system! I learned a lot from and at it. Thanks for the great time!