Hot air.

Apple WWDC windows me mobile me logoThe announcements that Apple made on the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference 2008) made me feel a bit upset, because overall it’s just hot air. And I’m sick of the Apple shows with always the same way of presentation. How can the polo neck man stand there and introduce something as big innovation what other cellphones use since ages? In my opinion it was just a failure of design that the first iPhone didn’t offer 3G support (even if the 3G coverage that AT&T offers in the US is lousy). At least the new iPhone version will be cheaper than the last one, because Apple finally seems to notice that not all consumer’s are playing fanboy. So they seem to change their tactics at least in the cellphone market. But what gave me the biggest laugh during the whole show was the introduction of the “mobile me” stuff. Hellooooo? I talked to four persons up to now and all of them replied something like “Sounds like WindowsME for Mac”. Even more you get this feeling by comparing the logos. Just a rip-off. Just embarrassing.