What a nice start for a first day of the week. I went out at 8:00 and took a long walk at the Danube, enjoyed the sun, took some photos and visited the bears in the Friedrichsau Park here in Ulm. I relaxed a bit at a wooden bench and had a nice discussion with Katja, a single mum also relaxing there with her toddler. She asked me if I think it would safe for her kid playing there because of H5N1 and all the ducks, seagulls and swans there. We had a nice discussion about all this stuff and she told me some minutes before a old man shouted at her because she was feeding the ducks. He said all those infected animals should be killed. Unbelievable what idiots are walking freely around out there. I then went to the Cafe Vienna and had a great salad and a vanilla macchiato there while enjoying the warm sun on the terrace. Beneath I sent some MMS with the nice view to some people I promised vacation postcards. :-D