kimble gone?

Yesterday I just was wondering if there are any news on Kim Schmitz alias Kimble. I met him a long time ago on a early demoscene/copy party, talked some sentences and since his hated appearance in German television (when he made blueboxing public) I checked his stories and sites from time to time. I now noticed that his websites,,, and all the other sites are down and only show a white screen. I googled a bit and it seems he is now into some other projects. The websites and seem to be his new horses, but he doesn’t seem to stand in the front row anymore. The megaupload domain is registered to Kim Schmitz’s company Monkey Ltd. in Hong Kong. Megavideo shares the very same address in the same business building. Questions: Did he realize the brand “kimble” doesn’t work anymore because of the bad media coverage of past days? Does he prefer to stay in the background? Would be really interested in getting some feedback. ;-)