MFE Media Player

A new version of the MFE Disc Creator 1.1 (Download) for Nintendo’s Wii is out. Using a modified disc header it also boots flawlessly under Firmware 3.0. You can copy all media files in the media directory and then use the approriate batch file to compile the ISO for your region. When the disc is started in the Wii you shortly get a file browser (Z – mount/unmount discs, Start – Play DVD, A – enter folder/play file, B – parent folder/stop) where you can choose the file you want to play. When playing media you also have some functions to play with (Start/A – Play/Pause, B – Stop, L/Left/Down – Rewind, R/Right/Up – Fast forward, X – Toggle subtitles). Keep in mind that double layered DVDs have to be supported by your drivechip and you need a gamecube gamepad to control the media player as it is basically a gamecube application. Overall this is a good start, but I will surely still use my beloved Xbox Media Center for a long time.