Late night shock.

We (My girlfriend and myself) were sitting in the living room when we smelled smoke. Some minutes later people on the street were ringing our doorbell and told us there were heavy smoke appearing out of our house, out of the appartment above us. I was phoneing the firefighters, closed all windows in the appartment and the staircase and with the help of a neighbour I alarmed and got all people out of the house. We then fastly checked the loft for smoke and the doors of the appartments where no one replied for excessive heat. When the firefighters arrived, I told everything to their chief of operation and after some minutes they found out that at the neighbour’s house the smoke came out of the chimney and because of the termic of the hot weather was pressed down between the houses and then appeared at the frontside. Good. No real fire! Phew! A big thanks to the Firefighters of Ulm for being so fast and reliable. Good to know you’re there.